What can Business Technology do for your Company

Today, Business Technology is one of the most important aspects of any business. Being able to respond quickly, act pre-emptively, thoroughly please customers and enable optimal communication and collaboration, both within and without the organization, is often what separates successful businesses from mediocre ones and the majority of this is dependent on Technology. For most of the last 30 years, Technology was seen as a back-office, data-processing activity. Now, it is seen as being integral to the productivity of every department in the company, it is the foundation for the entire business.

While many board members and owners of SME are accomplished at managing the Sales, Marketing, Human Resource and Finance sides of their respective businesses, they do not have an accurate grasp of the Technology that is now required to support their current business activities nor do they involve their Information Technology Service Provider/Partner in the formulation of their forward looking Business Strategies.

Most companies will state that they have I.T. support in place, but in most cases, the main role of this department is to keep the existing electronic plumbing in good repair!

Today, more than ever, SMB Boards and Business Owners are being challenged in historic new ways, requiring a fresh approach to IT concepts and strategies. According to current research, the changes of the past 20 years will seem mild compared with those of the next five. Figuring out how to make Technology work and aligning Technology with a company’s forward-looking business strategies is becoming more of a minefield.

The Pillars on which Business Technology rests on today

Cloud Computing

The cloud is the backbone for a lot of the changes that we are seeing in technology in the enterprise today

It makes anywhere connectivity to internal resources much easier from all kinds of devices, and it provides the scalability and agility to support rapid deployment of new tools across a dispersed workforce.

All of the other trends are really enabled by the cloud, which is why it is seeing such rapid uptake and interest across our enterprise customers….
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Mobility, not Mobile

New mobile devices combined with increasingly prevalent Wi-Fi and cellular data access let your employees stay connected from virtually anywhere.

By some estimates, more than a billion people will be using smartphones, laptops and tablets by 2016. Today’s workers are increasingly mobile and they need—and expect—to be able to choose the devices they will use and to have access from anywhere to the resources they need to do their jobs….
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Social Business

Social is similarly redefining the workplace. Social networking sites have redefined how people connect and share with each other (particularly the millennial generation, who have never known a time without their mobile phones and computers).

That influence is spilling over into the workplace, and enterprises are seizing the opportunity to establish internal social tools that bring their people together in more natural ways….
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Data is everywhere thanks to the explosion in devices, the increase in digital sharing of content, and the tremendous scalability of the cloud.

Data stores both inside and outside the enterprise are skyrocketing (up to 2.7 zettabytes in 2012!), and the opportunity for businesses today is to tap into those data stores and make them accessible in a way that will enable their people to get new insights and make informed, timely decisions that will drive the business forward.
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At Calm Response, we help companies gain insight on their pressing IT needs. In much the same way that a CFO (Finance Director) role is different from that of an Accountant, the CIO role is different from that of an IT Manager emphasizing the Strategic and future direction rather than looking at the day to day.

Our aim is to provide our clients Boards and Owners with independent world class CIO talent, experience and expertise at a fraction of the cost of a high powered, full time CIO, which most SMB’s cannot afford, nor do they need one on the payroll full-time.

We offer Pro-active Technology Leadership, providing value to individual business units, improve processes in a calculated manner, challenge Strategy, and empowering you the Company to achieve your Vision.


If you are looking to enable the concept of a “Business Technology ” within your Company and a business partnership that enable your long term Strategy.