Evolving Business Technologies are redefining the workplace environment


The workplace as we know it is shifting.

You might be sitting in your home office reading this on your laptop, on the train using your mobile (SmartPhone) or sat pool-side at the Marbella Club Hotel, reading it on a tablet.

You could be taking a call about meeting a client tomorrow, however, due to you being tied up in meetings all day tomorrow, at the other end of the country, you arrange for a conference call, using Skype or Lync, from the comfort of your room at the One&Only CapeTown.

While some of the examples above may seem extreme (one can only wish). Business Technologies have been changing the office work practices dramatically over the last few years.

The Changing Workforce

In addition, we have all been hit with dramatic changes in users’ technology expectations. Employees are now bringing devices and apps that they use in their personal lives into the workplace. Most businesses now have a multi-generational workforce, with a mix of baby boomers (nearing retirement), Gen Xers, and millennials (“digital natives”) all bringing different expectations, work styles, and attitudes towards technology with them to their work. Customer expectations are changing too; they are looking for new experiences from businesses—new and more flexible ways to interact with them—and more personal service. Businesses today are under pressure to support a more flexible work style and an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce, and to deliver a competitive experience for customers.


At Calm Response, we help companies gain insight on their pressing IT needs. In much the same way that a CFO (Finance Director) role is different from that of an Accountant, the CIO role is different from that of an IT Manager emphasizing the Strategic and future direction rather than looking at the day to day.

Our aim is to provide our clients Boards and Owners with independent world class CIO talent, experience and expertise at a fraction of the cost of a high powered, full time CIO, which most SMB’s cannot afford, nor do they need one on the payroll full-time.

We offer Pro-active Technology Leadership, providing value to individual business units, improve processes in a calculated manner, challenge Strategy, and empowering you the Company to achieve your Vision.


If you are looking to Accelerating Innovation with enterprise-class technology and a business partnership that enable your long term Strategy.