Digital Strategy and the future of Productivity in the Workplace

“As devices multiply and usage changes (many users coming online today may never use a desktop machine), it becomes more and more important to ensure that people can access all of their stuff anywhere.”

Larry Page


In our age of digital disruption, any business that does not have a strategy to connect its applications, data, and devices with its employees, partners and customers may not be able to compete in the new digital marketplace. Excessive manual work, poor data quality, and a lack of visibility and insights into the operations of the company will drain resources and lead to the extinction of over 40% of today’s businesses over the next ten years.

We spend a lot of time talking with our Clients and Peers to learn what is most important to their businesses and what priorities are top of mind. The top four Technology Trends that we hear questions about, almost across the board, are Cloud, Mobility, Social Business, and Data Management.

These rank above “Lowering costs and gaining efficiency” which still remains important. Of all the Information Technology Trends, this was the one that practically all businesses focused on a few years ago when the economy was crumbling. But what we’re hearing more and more from our clients is that they don’t need to do any more cutting. The last few years have forced businesses to address inefficiencies and eliminate unnecessary costs. The cost discussion is now focused on the fact that too much of their IT budget is anchored in supporting and maintaining old systems—up to 80 percent in many cases.

We are moving into a new era in Business Technology — one in which technological advances fuel opportunity. Many of our clients are now looking to the future and exploring how they can use technology to drive innovation and grow the business. They are looking for new avenues to competitive advantage. They are looking to become Digital Business

Based on reports from industry analysts and the many conversations that we have, Clients are looking to develop a Digital Strategy in which Mobile and Social  drive change in business, and cloud and big data to enable business success and growth.


At Calm Response, we help companies gain insight on their pressing IT needs. In much the same way that a CFO (Finance Director) role is different from that of an Accountant, the CIO role is different from that of an IT Manager emphasizing the Strategic and future direction rather than looking at the day to day.

Our aim is to provide our clients Boards and Owners with independent world class CIO talent, experience and expertise at a fraction of the cost of a high powered, full time CIO, which most SMB’s cannot afford, nor do they need one on the payroll full-time.

We offer Pro-active Technology Leadership, providing value to individual business units, improve processes in a calculated manner, challenge Strategy, and empowering you the Company to achieve your Vision.


If you are looking to enable the concept of a “Digital Strategy ” within your Company and a business partnership that enable your long term goals.